Algebra By Example - Self Help Materials and More!

Do you find it difficult to follow your Algebra lessons? Do you get the feeling that you understand it in principle, but not enough to use it to solve a problem? You're not alone. I felt that way a few times before.

This problem might occur if you have done any of the following:
  • Missed a few lessons of related concepts
  • Read about the concept, but was never given an example
  • Never applied your understanding to a problem
  • Skipped on practice exercises
  • Kept all your knowledge to yourself

  • It's never too late to catch up - unless you needed the information yesterday! Of course, you'll need reasonable time and effort to find out what you don't know and fill in the gaps. Then you have to make sure the gaps stay closed. How?

    Here you'll find worked (and explained!) examples that will help you identify the concepts you need to solve a problem you may be facing. Keep your knowledge in your head by re-trying the worked examples, or take a shot at our worksheets (they're on the way). In the future, there will also be games and books to help you get on top of your game to ace that test! You'll also be able to find algebra homework help here.

    Self-help is always possible given enough time and correct information. However, if you feel you're too far behind or lack the time to catch up, a good tutor can really make a difference. You can find an algebra tutor closest to you. A good one should be able to quickly point out where you need to improve in order to understand more advanced topics.

    Before you dive into the pages, let me leave you with a word of advice. If you don't understand a concept right away, take time to review the more basic materials to see what you've missed. Always get help as soon as you can. After that, practice practice and practice to keep it in your head! When you revisit the concept, you'll likely find it a lot easier to understand.

    Finally, please pay it forward by helping a friend. You'll learn better that way, besides. Good luck and see you on the sunny side of success!

    Find a Local Algebra Tutor Today

    Find a Local Algebra Tutor Today