Basic Algebra

Basic Algebra topics are the very beginning of learning Algebra. When you start on these topics, you're expected to have little more than Arithmetic knowledge (you know, those problems to do with "+", "-", "÷", and "×"). You'll also need to be familiar with Pre Algebra topics, but you don't need to worry about that now. You can easily refer back to the Pre Algebra topics later if you need to.

This section is designed specifically for those who are beginning Algebra, but will be useful for reference if you're learning Intermediate or Advanced algebra topics. You'll find a list of topics followed by a brief description.

How do you use these pages? If you're starting out, I recommend that you start with Algebraic Expressions, Algebraic Equations, Algebraic Factoring and Exponents. These will give you the foundation needed to understand the other basic algebra topics.

If you just want to find information to solve a problem, go to the topic that is most obviously relevant to your problem, and read. What if you can't solve a problem with the knowledge from one topic? Recognize that some problems might need a combination of different techniques from Pre Algebra and basic Algebra. Identify the techniques and you'll solve the problem easily.

Unit Conversion
   Cancelling Basic Units
   Cancelling Compound Units

   Addition and Subtraction of Monomials
   Multiplying Monomials
   Dividing Monomials

   Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials
   Multiplication of Polynomials
   Dividing polynomials by monomials
   Dividing polynomials by polynomials

Algebraic Terms and Expressions
   Unknowns and coefficients
   Like and unlike terms
   Multiplication and division of 2 or more algebraic terms
   Algebraic Expressions
   Simplify Algebra Expressions
   Factorizing and Expanding Algebraic Expressions
       A list of 4 algebra factoring methods
      Method I: Common factor
      Method II: Difference between two squares
      Method III: By Inspection
      Method IV: By Grouping & Rearrangement

   2 techniques to solve algebraic equations
   Axioms of Equality
   Solving Equations
   Literal Equations
   Linear Equations: What are Linear Equations?
      Solving Linear Equations
      Simultaneous Linear Equations
   What are Linear Inequalities?
      Solving Linear Inequalities

Definition of algebraic fractions
   Addition and Subtraction of algebraic fractions
   Multiplication of algebraic fractions
   Division of algebraic fractions
   Algebraic fractions exercises
   Answers to the exercise

Basics of Solving Radical Equations
   Examples of Solving Radical Equations

Solving Literal Equations

Exponents: Exponentiation and Indices
   Basic index notation
   Expressing numbers in index notation
   Multiplication of numbers in index notation
   Division of numbers in index notation
   Raising the Power of Numbers in Index Notation
   Negative exponents
   Fractional Indices
   Examples of computing exponents
   Simplifying Exponential Expressions

Roots and Radicals
   Simplifying Square Roots
   Operation with Square Roots
   Square Roots and Cube Roots
   Useful list of radicals to remember
   Roots & Radicals: Exercise

Ratios and Proportion
   Ratios in 2 quantities
   Ratios in 3 quantities

Is there a topic here that you'd like to see, but isn't included? Be sure to leave a comment below, and I'll see if I can work it into this page.

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